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AutoFlip was established in 2019 by a team of Automotive Industry professionals who were frustrated with the lack of transparency and fairness in the used car market.

With a focus on providing new technology, products and services to support buyers and sellers within the Australian market, AutoFlip have changed the way people think about used cars. 

AutoFlip Products


The AutpFlip enterprise team focus on supporting small, medium and large businesses by providing them with a quick and simple way to dispose of their company or fleet of vehicles, obtaining the best prices in the shortest time. 


The AutoFlip inspection app was developed and launched in 2022 as is a game changer for people who wish to sell a car. The Inspection app guides the user when taking photos of their car, ensuing the best photos are provided to potential buyers, helping to get the seller the best price. 


The AutoFlip valuation is an online tool that allows sellers to see their car’s true and accurate market value, empowering the seller with the knowledge of what their vehicle is really worth in today’s market. This App has been built to help remove the uncertainty often associated with selling a car. 


For private sellers who are looking to sell their vehicle, quick and without the hassle of advertising online or dealing with private buyers. Using our simple only platform, the seller can obtain the best price for their car all within 24 hours and with the support of our friendly customer service team. 

AutoFlip for buyers

The AutoFlip platform for buyers is where dealers and car buyers can register to bid on vehicles listed daily. With hundreds of vehicles listed, it’s a simple and easy place for buyers to find stock without leaving their business. 

With no sign-up or subscription fees, buyers only pay a fee for the vehicles they buy. The friendly and experienced customer support team supports the whole process, from contacting the seller to arranging vehicle inspections. 

AutoFlip for Sellers

The AutoFlip platform for sellers is a unique place where private sellers and businesses can sell their cars quickly and efficiently while obtaining the best market price.  

The seller uploads their vehicle details and photos and then listed on the tender platform, where hundreds of buyers across Australia have the opportunity to bid for the car. 

Within a few hours, the seller will have a genuine offer from an authorised AutoFlip buyer. The seller’s car is then sold, and money is in the bank within 48 hours. The friendly customer support team supports the whole process, so the seller never has to deal with buyers directly. 

Our Partners

AutoFlip work with some of the best and most trusted brands in the Automotive market here in Australia and overseas, providing excellent service and products to support their business and services. 

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AutoFlip in the market

The team at AutoFlip are busy developing new products and services for the Automotive market here in Australia and overseas. Keep up to date with all the news, product releases and market insight in our monthly articles.  


AutoFlip launches a vehicle inspection app

The IDOMi Technology team has been busy working on an exciting new application that will allow sellers to easily photograph their car. Guided by smart technology, the app will enable the user to take photos from the correct angles, highlighting specific features all of which will help the seller obtain the best price for their car. 

April 2022


Tech Driven Solutions for Your Business

AutoFlip is the leading marketplace for buying and selling cars, delivering the best price, quick, simple and easy. Offering tech-driven solutions for the automotive industry, allowing you to focus on your business. 

March 2022

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